Monday, April 4, 2016


I saw something on Instagram the other day, talking about how we raise our children, it said something along the lines of:
You raisin Drug addicts
Drug dealers
With felonies
I won't raise a child like that
Aside from it being a pretty judgemental post, it feels like it defeats the purpose of life to suggest that someone can't come back from any of those things... I have seen so many success stories of people who have been any or all of those labels? Who have come back and become awesome contributing members of society... I know no one hopes to have a child that faces adversity, sometimes you can't help it... And definitely shouldn't be judged for it! People who triumph over hard times are some of the strongest, and to write them off before giving them a chance feels like a disservice to humanity...
We should try to remember that even the people that make you the most uncomfortable are still people... Anything is possible...
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