Sunday, May 8, 2016


A story has broken about Nicki Minaj whose brother has just been done on child rape charges... I don't believe in the death penalty, but anyone who messes with children don't deserve life... It's not curable, I just can't understand why we would want child predators on our streets... Anyway, I digress... The thing is that Nicki is supporting her brother through this... And I have really mixed feelings about it...
I understand that we are supposed to support our family and friends through everything, but where is that line?
I never really had to think about it until this past year when a friend did something that goes against everything I believe in... I have had to really search my soul as to whether I could get past it and continue our friendship... Whether I can forgive someone who I loves actions, whether I can explain it away... So far it doesn't seem that I can... I can't let go of my convictions...
How about you? Can you forgive things that go against what you believe in?
This photo warms my heart, my son contemplating life while observing this piece of art...

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