Tuesday, March 29, 2016


All that talk about allies yesterday, I'm still listening to Another Round and they are trying to get Tracy a date... Trying to describe who is the right kind of guy, and they are saying no racists, no homophobes, just basically a good human... Which leaves it open to your definition of good... What is a good person to you?
Growing up I thought good was someone who basically doesn't hurt others, kind to others maybe? Now my list has grown, and maybe I'm excluding a great deal of the population in my growing terms of definition... The other day on facebook, I saw someone referring to themselves as good people, and by my childhood definition, they are, they don't hurt anyone, maybe a bit superficial but that's their life choice, but I see them using slurs that I detest (spastic, gay, the n word), does this make them not good? For me, probably, in the sense that I wouldn't want my kids around that... But maybe it's just lack of education? And with simple challenges on this vocab it would all change?
To me, as a grown woman, good people not only don't hurt others, but go out of their way to make other people's lives better, they educate themselves, they take action, they are on a journey, whether they acknowledge that or not, to make the world a better place to live in... It may be a judgey definition, but as much as I try to not judge, I'm an INFJ, it's natural...

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