Tuesday, March 29, 2016


The best thing about most of our emotional healing is that you can do a lot of the work yourself... Don't get me wrong, talking to a professional is a really good idea if you need to, but for more mild issues, self healing is great..
You can completely reprogram your brain from negative self talk, to those self limiting beliefs... I often find myself thinking I can't do something, give melt self a little pep talk and try to change my thoughts about my own capability... Most of the things are silly, little things, but still worth challenging... One of the ones that has affected my life greatly was growing something...
I always wanted to grow our own veg, but never thought I could, like you needed to be some sort of garden fairy to have success... One year I started with a single potted tomato plant, I grew one tomato, which a possum ate... I was devastated that we didn't even get to eat it, but the fact I didn't kill it gave me more belief that I could try again the next year... I grabbed some high yielding seedlings and away I went... I haven't looked back, I grow plenty of veg and share it around the community... People who don't grow always say 'you must have such a green thumb' I assure them that all you need is sun and water, no green thumb required!
The complete guide to chakras - Ambika Wauters

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