Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I found this really interesting... I think about the bible all the time... And I think this dude is right, it's from such s different time, survival was important, so the rules dictated that... Life is a whole different ball game now, I think the rules should reflect that...

Humans of New York
January 19 ·
“I started studying Christianity more ever since my husband joined the seminary. I’m not offended by it. When you step back from the literal interpretation, you realize that so much of the Bible is aimed at survival. Look at all the crazy dietary restrictions. Homosexuality was forbidden because it didn’t lead to reproduction. For the same reason, if you had sex during your wife’s period, you had to sacrifice a hamster in the temple. The people who wrote the Bible were speaking with the only language that they knew at the time—survival. When I step back from that, I see a book that attempts to use symbols and stories to understand the source of life. And that source is depicted as completely loving. And I think that’s beautiful.”

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