Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Positive thinking

Further to Friday's post, a change in attitude can change your reality...
I remember when my friend got clean off drugs, and things just kept going wrong for him, he bought a bike, it was stolen, phone screen smashed, lots of little things... I'm not saying that this was because he was miserable, but there was a distant lack of positivity and joy to his life... I remember saying to him that he needs to find the joy in the little things, to start thinking positively and that then life would become more positive, the very worst it can do is bring you a little bit of joy, the best, you could change your entire life!
There are ways, such as meditation, yoga, for me, I love both of those things, I also find gardening grounds me in the same way... Sitting on a beach, walking, however you get it, find a way to connect to your higher self, clear your mind and let the light in...

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