Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spiritual Path

For the longest time I have felt like I was trying to find my path, my own way, I tried a few circles in London, moved back and tried out another group who wanted me to practice with them naked but not tell my husband, always trying to find the right people, the right style for me... 22 years after I started, that's a long time to be solitary, I found a group of people... It's funny because we are not all from the same background or practice in the same way, but it works...
I used to have these moments of thinking I can't be in any spiritual group of people because I don't love the bush/camping/I'm not a hippy, etc... And then it came to me that none of those things matter, not to me, and if they matter to other people, then we aren't meant to journey together... I love hip hop, hello kitty tattoos, trainers, yoga, meditation, lifting heavy weights, and I can love all of those things and still be on my path...
Book: The Complete Book of Chakras - Ambika Wauters

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